Yukiko Sato

I originally started working with wool felt simply because I wanted to create something that looked just like my pet dog,but the craft turned out to be my calling.
I began instructing classes at several culture centers in 2005, and I have had the honor of receiving multiple awards at exhibitions in Japan and overseas.
In 2016, I was designated an honorary guest member of the Royal Society of British Artists.
I also accept orders for custom-made pieces designed to resemble your own pet dog.

Received the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum 80th Anniversary “Original Handicrafts Exhibition” Awards Committee Chairman Award
Work was accepted into the Japan Craft Artists Association 60th Anniversary “Original Handicrafts Exhibition”
Work was displayed at the San Francisco “Cherry Blossom Festival” as a Japan-U.S. Goodwill Ambassador piece
Work was displayed in Vienna, Austria, and received the Palais Palffy Award
Work was displayed at an exhibition held in Boston, and received first prize
21st “Japanese Art —Nationally Selected Creators Exhibition—” (Ueno Royal Museum) Special Recognition Award
An Honorary Guest Member of The Royal Society of British Artists
「ART OLYMPICS IN Rio de Janeiro」Won the Crystal Award